Preparing Your Submission

  • Save your file as an .shtml file.
  • Copy and paste the following line as the very first line of your file:
          <!--#include file="menu3.php"-->
  • Do not enter header, title, or body information. All that will be included automatically by the website using the three lines in Step 2.
  • After the line in Step 2, enter the title, your name, and date of publication in the following format:

  •       <b>Title</b><br>
          Name - Date</p><p>
  • Between each paragraph, put the following line:

  •       </p><p>
  • At the bottom of your file, insert the following line:
          <!--#include file="footer2.php"-->
Your file is complete! Now use the submission form below to let the editor-webmaster know you'd like to submit your file.

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