Tips on Submitting an Essay, Story, or Poem
  • It must concern some aspect of the Whedonverse. An essay or story which only mentions a character in passing may be better suited on some of the larger fan-fic sites that emphasize alternate universes or independent characters.
  • We accept stories rated no lower than R, and most of that is for violence. (The Whedonverse isn't Disney, after all.) Ever since the house fell, however, we've recognized that sex is part of the mix. But, if you're writing a story where the characters happen to have names identical to Whedonverse characters but otherwise have no recognizable personalities and are only having sex, you might want to check the slash fiction forums.
  • Be ready to do some minor coding on your essay, story, or poetry before submitting it. The more you code, the less trouble it is for our webmasters, none of whom do this full-time. (See directions on the next page.)
  • Spelling and grammar do count. If a spell-checker is against your beliefs, we recommend having a friend proof your essay or story. Many ATPoBtVS forum folks are willing to beta-read, if you ask on the forum. The exception to this rule is, of course, that we aren't picky about British vs. American spellings (ie, 'color' vs. 'colour'). We're not that obsessive, we just have standards.
  • Warn us first before submitting your writing, using the Submission form on the Submit pages. In these days of virii flying gleefully through the lines, emails with attachments may get deleted automatically if we're not expecting your email.
  • Be patient. The aforementioned webmasters aren't always able to get back to you immediately, nor are they always able to upload your latest piece right away. If you don't see it appear, wait a week and then email us.

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