Existential Scoobies are fans both of Joss Whedon, Director/Writer Extraordinaire, and Masquerade, Philosopher Extraordinaire. For almost four years now, Masquerade - or Masq, for short - has been managing and updating a philosophy site called All Things Philosophical on Buffy the Vampire Slayer (and Angel: the Series). In June 2000, she began a discussion board, hosted by Voy Forums, for visitors to discuss episodes and their own interpretations of the Whedonverse.

In April 2001, Liquidram created a new board for regulars, and the general consensus voted in favor of Dedalus' nomination, Existential Scoobies. The site eventually grew, over several months, to include Fictionary pages, Archives, a F.A.Q., and poster biographies. By June 2001, Masq's site moved to its current home. Meanwhile, Solitude1056 had begun webmastering the Fictionary pages, and d'Herblay had taken charge of transferring the Archives. By September 2002, tracking changes on three different sites had become unmanageable. This new site is a recombination of the three areas - Archives, Fictionary, and the original ATPoBtVS site. Masquerade and her redoubtable minions now manage the Archives and the Fictionary Pages are webmastered by LadyStarlight and LittleBit.

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