A Sunnydale Alphabestiary"
Humanitas - October 06 2001

A is for Angel,
Vampire with a soul;

B is for Buffy,
Out on patrol.

C's for Cordelia,
Who's witty and mean;

D is for Dawn,
The new kid on the scene.

E is for Ethan,
Who loves Chaos and Chance;

F is for Faith,
In Black Leather Pants!

G's for the Gentlemen,
Killed by a sound;

H is for Harmony,
The girliest vamp around.

I's the Initiative,
Soldiers on the sly;

J is for Joyce,
Whose death made us cry.

K is for Kendra,
Who always wore a frown;

L is the Library,
Burned to the ground.

M is the Mayor,
Who gave Faith nifty toys;

N's Natalie French,
Who ate virginal boys.

O is for Oz
(The wolf, not the city);

P's Principal Snyder
Gobbled up without pity.

Q is the Quellar,
That slaughters the mad;

R is for Ripper,
A Watcher being bad.

S is for Spike,
Who knows he's Love's Bitch;

T is for Tara,
A sweet, gentle witch.

U's for the Undead,
Buffy's perennial foe;

V is for Vengeance,
That Anya used to do.

W is for Willow,
Hero on a dark path;

X is for Xander,
Always there with a laugh.

Y is for Young,
When your average Slayer dies,

Z is a Zombie,
Which she's not. She's alive!

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