The Grave

Malandanza ~ Aug 8 2001

“I-it must’ve been Dawn,” Willow said, abruptly breaking the silence. Xander nodded. He had been thinking the same thing. Buffy had collected stuffed animals when she was younger and even after becoming the slayer she had continued this hobby, albeit somewhat erratically. She had purchased a hedgehog on a whim and had named it “Mr. Pointy,” after her lucky stake. Somehow, Mr. Pointy had ended up in Dawn’s possession. At Buffy’s funeral, Dawn had left the toy at the graveside. Now there were twenty or thirty of the stuffed animals scattered about the grave. “I-if she only brought one of them a day to the cemetery,” Willow continued, “she would’ve needed to be here almost every single day since the, uh, death. It’s not healthy.”



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