Chicago Meet, July 2-5, 2004

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Angel Ale

cjl and anom watch puppet!Angel

cjl, anom, fresne, and Rob

d'Herblay and Masq

fresne, Rob, Jane and Ann

Ann, grafitti, Darby, Sara, Lady Starlight, Buffyboy and Sheri

Jane and graffiti admire cjl, heir to the tiara in NYC 2005!

Lady Starlight, frisby, Darby, d'Herblay and Little Bit

The Red Wine gals - fresne, Anne, Jane and Arethusa

The Red Wine gals - anom and Masq (with frisby, cjl and Buffyboy doing backup)

Rob and Masq, tiara-wearers

Rob, Sheri, Random, Lady Starlight, frisby, and swooning Jane

The t-shirt gang

(More Chicago pics)